The Dussafu Marin Permit

Gabon is sub-Saharan Africa’s fourth largest producer and exporter of crude oil. The Dussafu Marin Permit is a Development and Exploitation license with multiple discoveries and prospects lying within a proven oil and gas play fairway within the Southern Gabon Basin. To the north west of the block is the Etame-Ebouri Trend, a collection of fields producing from the pre-salt Gamba and Dentale sandstones, and to the north are the Lucina and M’Bya fields which produce from the syn-rift Lucina sandstones beneath the Gamba.

Dussafu is operated by BW Energy Gabon and Panoro’s current interest in the license is 7.5%. There are six oil fields within the Dussafu Permit: Moubenga, Walt Whitman, Ruche, Ruche North East, Tortue and Hibiscus. The latter four fields were discovered by Panoro and JV partners in the last 7 years, with the most recent discovery of the gross 2P 45 million barrel reserve Hibiscus field in 2019. The current gross 2P reserves on the license are estimated at 112.4 million barrels.

The first field in the Dussafu EEA area, Tortue, started oil production in September 2018 from two initial horizontal development wells drilled in the first half of 2018. In 2019/2020 a further two development wells were drilled and brought onstream, and the final two wells are planned to come online in 2021, making a total of six wells on the field. The oil from the Tortue wells is produced via subsea trees and flowlines to a leased FPSO for processing, storage and export. Production from Tortue is currently around 16,000 bopd gross from four well (Net to Panoro working interest 1,200 bopd). Once all six wells are online in 2021 production is expected to reach around 23,000 bopd gross (Net to Panoro working interest 1,725 bopd).

The next phase of development at Dussafu is expected to be the Ruche and Hibiscus fields, which are planned to be developed together and tied back to the Adolo FPSO stationed at Tortue. A FID was taken for the project in 2019, and the development will consist of 6 wells in phase 1, followed by another 6 wells in phase 2. The project consists of a well head platform, from which the development wells will be drilled, tied back to the FPSO for oil storage and export via a 20 km subsea pipeline. With Ruche phase 1 online total production at Dussafu is expected to be over 30,000 bopd gross (2,250 bopd net to Panoro’s working interest).

After Tortue, the third phase of the project will consist of the tie-back of the Hibiscus and Ruche fields to the FPSO via a wellhead platform and subsea pipeline and JV partner approval of the project is expected shortly. Once Hibiscus and Ruche are online gross production at Dussafu is expected to be above 40,000 barrels of oil per day.

The exploration potential in Dussafu is significant and interpretation of recent 3D seismic data has confirmed several Gamba and Dentale prospects in addition to the already discovered resources. Certain of these prospects will be targeted in the planned 2020 drilling campaign.

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  • Asset: Dussafu Marin

  • Status: Exploration & Development

  • Ownership: 7.5%

  • Partners: BW Energy Gabon SA, Tullow Oil Gabon S.A., Gabon Oil Company