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Primary insiders

The companies listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange have an obligation to keep updated their lists of primary insiders. The list of primary insiders that is made public on this page is equal to the updated lists which Oslo Stock Exchange has received from Panoro Energy ASA.

Name Position Designation Date
Panoro Energy
John Hamilton CEO 13.05.2015
Qazi Qadeer CFO 05.07.2010
Richard Morton Technical Director 25.02.2015
Laurence Keech Financial Controller 20.06.2014
Julien Balkany Chairman 14.10.2014
Alexandra Herger Board member 14.10.2014
Garrett Soden Board member 27.05.2015
Torstein Sanness Board member 27.05.2015
 Hilde Ådland Board member 02.03.2016
Tor Inge Skjellevik Auditor 06.06.2016
Jon-Michael Grefsrød Auditor 06.06.2016

Management, Directors holding of shares in Panoro Energy

Name Number of shares Percentage of total %
Panoro Energy ASA
John Hamilton 90,901 0.214
Qazi Qadeer 34,850 0.082
Richard Morton 42,214 0.099
Laurence Keech 1,255 0.003
Board of Directors
Julien Balkany (1) 1,356,253 3.191
Garrett Soden (2) 10,009 0.024
Torstein Sanness 35,000 0.082
Alexandra Herger 5,950 0.014

(1) Mr. Balkany has beneficial interest in Nanes Balkany Partners I LP which owns 600,106 shares in the Company, and Balkany Investments LLC which owns 725,338 shares in the Company.

(2) Holds directly or indirectly 10,009 shares in the Company.